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About Us

MEDICAL DISPOSABLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY (MDM) is Saudi Arabia's most reputed manufacturer & suppliers of Medical device products such as catheters, medical drapes, Povidone iodine swabs, Chlorhexidine gluconate strips and sachets, wide range of ready to use microbiology culture media and through our sister company Saudi Medical Solutions co (SMSCO), intravenous solutions and other hygiene products for the health care industry throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its beginning in 1990, MDM business philosophy is based on exceptional service, high quality, value and our activity confines to safe medical device products for better patient care.

MDM and sister company SMSCO operate and comply with internationally recognized quality systems, currently with ISO 13485:2012, MDEL from Saudi FDA and in the process of obtaining CE MARK. MDM maintains strict protocols for controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process. Continuing our commitment to advancing we built our factory on-site Microbiological lab with necessary instruments to perform Quality control testing based on approved standards.

We constantly search for advances in product application technology with our clients and research partners to improve upon product function, clinical outcomes, and a competitive advantage. This has lead to new products in medical device, microbiology culture media and transport swabs.

We are registered in Saudi FDA and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) tenders and one of the few companies in the kingdom to be awarded the most prestigious GCC Tender. We are also a member of American type culture collection (ATCC).

Our facility includes 5000 sq meter space with certified 400 sq meter clean room and other space needed according to industry standards and Saudi FDA. Our staff includes Canadian trained pharmacist with Saudi license, Saudi FDA trained pharmacists, American Academy certified Microbiologist, QC Microbiologists, biochemists, laboratory technologists, well trained engineers, sales managers and sales executives with extensive experience in medical and pharmaceutical products and support staff team with a total of more than 100 staffs covering daily activity.

Through our extensive sales network and our long standing business with GCC and private tenders, we have good link in all purchasing departments and end user to build the specified products with required specification. This process has won big tenders and assures you that we can get the business for your products as well. We look forward to have a fruitful cooperation for the forth coming large GCC tenders and private hospital business in Saudi Arabia.

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